Policies & Procedures

Class Standards and Responsibilities

The Rule: Respect yourself and other people.  We all have the right to be treated well.

Other Responsibilities:

Cooperate with your teacher and classmates

  • Class participation is vital.

Carry out your basic student responsibilities

  • Be prepared for class daily.
  • Keep track of your own books and assignments.
  • Start your work on time and allow time to finish.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences.

Class Standards and Procedures

Standard Procedure: I expect you to be seated and ready to learn when the period begins.  You should read the board and begin whatever the Do Now asks you to do.

Other Important Procedures:

Do Now’s

Everyday will begin with a Do Now.  You will find the Do Now on the chalkboard.  Do Now’s should be started as soon as you enter.  Most Do Now’s will require you to answer a question or fill out a form but some may ask you to continue an assignment from the previous day.  Do Now’s are required and graded.  You will receive a Do Now rubric to reference.


If you are absent from class, you are responsible for the assignments/homework that was missed.  You will have as many days as you were absent to make up the assignments.  On the day you return from an absence, you should arrive early to class.  The first thing to do is check the “I’m Absent, Please Fill Me In” tray on the back table.  The cover sheet will likely answer any questions regarding “what we did” when you were gone.  You will also find any needed assignment sheets attached to the cover sheet.  If there are any questions beyond this sheet, seek out a classmate first then speak with me if more direction is needed.  You are also responsible for inquiring about any missed work and tests.  Zeros will be given if you fail to make up work within an acceptable time frame.  Make sure you speak with me for new due dates.

Handing In Homework

If there is an assignment you need to hand in, place it in the tray on my desk labeled “In”.  I will not be making any announcements about handing in work.  If there was an assignment due, it is your responsibility to make sure that you hand it in.  Check the Do Now board however for special instructions asking you to hold on to your work.  If you are to keep the assignment, begin the day’s Do Now until you receive further instruction.  If you arrive late and handing in the homework will cause a distraction, go to your seat and hand it in when it is appropriate to do so.

Late Work

Homework assignments may be turned in one day late for half credit but WILL NOT be accepted after that.  Papers and projects may be turned in late with a penalty of points off for each day late.  If you have work due but miss class during the day due to a field trip, lesson, early dismissal, late arrival, or other, it is your responsibility to get the work to me.  You should try to submit work on the day you are missing but may hand it in the following day for full credit.

Emailing Assignments

If you prefer to use a computer to complete assignments, you may email them to me instead of printing out a hard copy.  You should also email work to me or bring it in using a flash drive if you are having any trouble printing your work.  My email address is: satta@spfk12.org.  In order to email your assignments to me, you should send the work as an attachment in the email or you can type the text in the message.  Please be sure to include your name in the subject or body of the message.

Make-Up Tests

If you are absent on test day but it was scheduled prior to your absence, you must make up the test on the day you return to school.  If you are absent anytime during the week prior to a scheduled test but return on test day, you will take the test on that day.

Homework Policy and Grading Policy

Throughout the week, you will have homework assignments, but I do try to consider school activities, weekends, and holidays when assigning homework.  There will be projects you will need to complete throughout the year.  If you manage your time wisely, projects will not be overwhelming; however, if you procrastinate and try to complete the project the night before it is due, the project will seem tremendous.  You will receive an information sheet during the grading period that includes details of what is entailed.

The final quarter grade will be a composite of the following items: tests/quizzes, projects, and homework/classwork.  The grading is based on a total points system where everything assigned is given a point value ranging between 10 and 100 points.  At the end of the quarter, the total points will be divided into the number possible.  Be sure to keep track of your points throughout the quarter to check your progress.


PowerSchool will be used to post grades for you.  You can login to check your current grades, homework, missing assignments, test scores, and report cards for that marking period.  I will do my best to keep it updated.

* Procedures may be changed or added by me.  All procedures will be thoroughly rehearsed as a class.

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