History Can Be Fun

Find an interesting or humorous tidbit about our current topic of study (stay in the past)? Post it here for all to see and you can get extra credit – 1 point for each entry (5 max per marking period)! Woohoo! Be sure to see the details below that explain the extra credit criteria. Directions must be followed in order to receive credit.

Here’s an example:

When babies were born in Sparta, Spartan soldiers would come by the house to examine them. If the baby did not look healthy, it was taken away and left to die or trained as a slave. If the baby was healthy, it was assigned membership in a brotherhood or sisterhood.

Oh, and here’s another:

According to ancient Greek literature, when Odysseus arrived home after an absence of 10 years, disguised as a beggar, the only one to recognize him was his aged dog Argos, who wagged his tail at his master, and then died.

** Extra Credit Details: You can get one point extra credit for each fact that is trulyfascinating” with a ten point maximum per marking period. How do I define “fascinating” you ask? A fascinating fact would be one that captures the readers interest as if by a spell. It should be something that we will read and go, “Wow! I didn’t know that.” Please add the details of where you found your facts as well. Not all submissions will receive the extra credit. Have fun searching! **

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